Get Real: Embrace Your Strengths, Accept Your Limits, and Create an Authentically Happier, Healthier You

Publication Date: 08/31/2021

Do you find yourself constantly saying yes even when you should be saying no? Are you paying too much attention to what other people think instead of focusing on what makes you feel good? To write a happier life story, you can take control and become the editor of your…

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Faucian Bargain: The Most Powerful and Dangerous Bureaucrat in American History

Publication Date: 08/17/2021

#1 Wall Street Journal Bestseller As seen on Tucker Carlson Tonight As heard on Glenn Beck and Mark Levin “In his famous Farewell Address, President Eisenhower warned about allowing public policy to become captive to a scientific elite without regard to the principles of our constitutional system and the goals…

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The Fragile Years: Proven Strategies for the Care of Aging Loved Ones

Publication Date: 07/20/2021

Inside intelligence you will need to make informed decisions, financially and compassionately, when caring for aging loved ones—whether they are living at home, in a care facility, or in the hospital or hospice care. Do you have a parent or aging loved one nearing or in the most fragile years…

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Half of a Whole: My Fight for a Separate Life

Publication Date: 06/08/2021

Half of a Whole explores the intimate bond between a twin brother and sister, the cruel consequences that occur when one of them becomes mentally ill, and the courage required to break away when love is not enough. Just when Marilyn Peterson Haus thought she had escaped life as the child…

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The Living Room: A Lung Cancer Community of Courage

Publication Date: 05/18/2021

Bonnie Addario, chair of the leading lung cancer foundation in the country and a survivor herself, profiles twenty men and women battling advanced lung cancer. Lung Cancer. The mere words strike fear in all of us—fear of the diagnosis, the treatment, and the ultimate prognosis. Where is the hope? It…

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Scale Your Everest: How to be a Resilient Entrepreneur

Publication Date: 05/18/2021

The first and only book to provide entrepreneurs with the tools to develop the mental resilience needed to succeed in the pressure cooker that is starting their own business. While I have been to the top of the physical world (literally climbing Everest) and the business world (exiting companies for…

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Exhale: Hope, Healing, and a Life in Transplant

Publication Date: 05/11/2021

Exhale is the riveting memoir of a top transplant doctor who rode the emotional rollercoaster of saving and losing lives—until it was time to step back and reassess his own life. A young father with a rare form of lung cancer who has been turned down for a transplant by…

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Anatomy of a Survivor: Building Resilience, Grit, and Growth After Trauma

Publication Date: 04/27/2021

Anatomy of a Survivor examines in inspiring detail how survivors used their inner strengths to build resilience, navigate through, and ultimately grow from traumas and major life challenges. In 1990, after a sudden cardiac event, Joyce Mikal-Flynn was dead for twenty-two minutes. While CPR and determined doctors returned her to…

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The Spare Room: Define Your Social Legacy to Live a More Intentional Life and Lead with Authentic Purpose

Publication Date: 04/06/2021

Define your own Social Legacy, unlock the power to live a more intentional life, and lead with greater purpose and authenticity. Emily Chang is a seasoned executive who has worked with some of the world’s most renowned companies like Proctor & Gamble, Apple and Starbucks. Over the last twenty-one years,…

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When Politicians Panicked: The New Coronavirus, Expert Opinion, and a Tragic Lapse of Reason

Publication Date: 03/30/2021

When Politicians Panicked tells the tragic story of how, in response to a spreading virus, global politicians mindlessly pursued economic desperation, starvation, and death as the cure. The global economy was booming as 2020 dawned, but within a few short months wreckage, death, and desperation borne of economic contraction were…

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