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Actively Unwoke: The Ultimate Guide for Fighting Back Against the Woke Insanity in Your Life

Publication Date: 04/26/2022

The woke have taken over every major institution in this country—the schools and universities, corporate America, the media, and the government. It’s time to fight back. Actively Unwoke will show you how. For the last several years, we’ve watched as woke political activists have staged destructive protests, destroyed businesses, hurled…

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Your Data, Their Billions: Unraveling and Simplifying Big Tech

Publication Date: 04/19/2022

“Big tech” knows all your secrets and sells them to the highest bidder—this guide for the everyday tech user explains how it happens, why it matters, and how to protect yourself and your most precious commodities, your identity and privacy. THE GUIDE TO USING EVERYDAY TECH—FROM GOOGLE SEARCHES AND AMAZON…

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Uncompromising: How an Unwavering Commitment to Your Why Leads to an Impactful Life and a Lasting Legacy

Publication Date: 02/08/2022

Uncompromising explores seven pathways to help you identify and live your why—leading to an impactful life and a lasting legacy. Steve White’s path from the housing projects to president of Comcast West was punctuated by defining—and often heart-wrenching—moments. Moments that helped him identify what matters most and how he positively…

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The Secret Apparatus: The Muslim Brotherhood’s Industry of Death

Publication Date: 09/06/2022

The Muslim Brotherhood’s “Secret Apparatus” is a clandestine incubator for Islamic terrorism, and it exports its “industry of death” to destroy the world through infiltration, disinformation, and jihad. The world’s most dangerous terrorist group is not hiding in the caves of the Hindu Kush or in the Saharan wilderness—it operates…

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When Magic Failed: A Lebanese Childhood Caught Between Tradition and Modernity

Publication Date: 03/22/2022

From the author of The Arab Predicament and Dream Palace of the Arabs comes a beautiful and haunting memoir of growing up in Lebanon in the ’50s and ’60s—the story of a sensitive young man and budding intellectual caught between tradition and modernity, east and west. As one of the…

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Lies My Mother Told Me: Tall Tales from a Short Woman

Publication Date: 04/12/2022

If you think Joan Rivers said funny, outrageous, and ridiculous things ONSTAGE, wait ’til you read the funny, outrageous, and ridiculous things she said OFFSTAGE…things that will make you laugh out loud…and keep Melissa in therapy for the foreseeable future. The only thing my mother loved more than making people…

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Brainstorm: An Investigation of the Mysterious Death of Film Star Natalie Wood

Publication Date: 12/21/2021

Brainstorm is an amazing five-year probe into the mysterious death of beloved movie star Natalie Wood by a real-life criminal law authority who determinedly pursued the truth in the face of Los Angeles County officials hell-bent on keeping it buried forever. “After four decades, there is still more to learn…

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Don’t Get Mad At Penguins: And Other Ways to Detox the Conflict in Your Life and Business

Publication Date: 03/22/2022

An indispensable tool kit for engaging and harnessing healthy conflict to drive success and happiness, and eliminate the pain and stress of toxic conflict. While most people view conflict as a bad thing that should be avoided at all costs, the reality is that embracing conflict in a healthy way…

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Splintered: Critical Race Theory and the Progressive War on Truth

Publication Date: 03/08/2022

Critical race theory has hijacked the U.S. education system on every level. Parents, students, educators, and policymakers must know and support the truth about American history and reject this divisive and anti-American theory’s obsession with skin color and prejudice. The problem with our nation’s schools today is not just the…

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Uneven Justice: The Plot to Sink Galleon

Publication Date: 12/14/2021

The inside story of a case that illustrates the horrific perils of unchecked prosecutorial overreach, written by the man who experienced it firsthand. Raj Rajaratnam, the respected founder of the iconic hedge fund Galleon Group, which managed $7 billion and employed 180 people in its heyday, chose to go to…

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