Illusion of Control: COVID-19 and the Collapse of Expertise


Credentialed experts got nearly every possible pandemic-related question wrong, but instead of admitting their mistakes and ending damaging policies, they dug in deeper and refused to acknowledge failure.

Illusion of Control examines information, studies, and data used by experts and authority figures to justify pandemic-related policies. It explains how the mandates, endless masking, and indefensible vaccine passports failed to control the pandemic. Instead of accepting that reality, those in power doubled down. Politicians, administrators, and local officials repeated the same mistakes, refusing to limit ancillary consequences and damage. Illusion of Control details the mistakes made by Dr. Anthony Fauci, the CDC, and domestic and international politicians. The data, analysis, and thorough breakdowns uncover the disastrous missteps of the expert class. By holding them accountable, Illusion of Control will help ensure these mistakes aren’t made again.