Wicked Son

Shield of David: A History of Jewish Servicemen in America’s Armed Forces

Publication Date: 12/06/2022

Since Revolutionary times, Jews have served in the United States armed forces and fought bravely in America's wars. Jews first arrived in the New World in 1654, seeking religious freedom. Since the beginning of American nationhood, Jewish volunteers and conscripts fought in the Revolutionary War, the War of 1812, on both sides…

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The Hyena Murders

Publication Date: 11/29/2022

A murder plot seeded in the wild mountains of Ethiopia bears its poison fruit years later in modern Jerusalem as a serial killer targets a prominent Beta Israel family. Confronting racial politics, police corruption, and human trafficking, Israeli intelligence agent Maya Rimon tries to stop the killer before his double-edged…

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Jews And Booze: Alcoholism, Addiction, and Denial in the Jewish World

Publication Date: 11/01/2022

We Jews wrongly believe we’re immune to alcoholism and addiction—instead, individuals, families, and communities are suffering because of the stigmas surrounding addiction and recovery in the Jewish world. “Is the 12 step program suitable for Jews? In this book Michael Levin shows with learning, sensitivity and wisdom why the answer is…

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Jewish Pride

Publication Date: 10/18/2022

Michael Steinhardt left a stellar career on Wall Street and spent the next three decades launching revolutionary philanthropic programs like Birthright Israel and OneTable that offer a proud, rich future for the next generation of secular American Jews. What are the keys to a proud Jewish life? Part memoir, part…

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In the Path of Abraham: How Donald Trump Made Peace in the Middle East–and How to Stop Joe Biden from Unmaking It

Publication Date: 06/21/2022

An insider’s perspective on how the Abraham Accords were concluded and why they offer a way forward to a new era of peace and prosperity in the Middle East—if only they are not abandoned by the Biden Administration. This book charts the remarkable journey of Jason D. Greenblatt, who spent…

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A Light From Zion: Why Israeli Innovation Matters to the World

Publication Date: 05/31/2022

A Light from Zion tells the remarkable story behind Israel’s most fascinating innovations, profiling cutting-edge companies in fields ranging from agriculture to environment, health to disaster preparedness, and water to enterprise. How did Israel rise in just a few decades from a tiny, struggling country with a third-world economy to…

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In the Lion’s Den: Israel and the World

Publication Date: 05/17/2022

Israeli statesman and former UN Ambassador, Danny Danon, presents a compelling vision of Israel’s future as a major player on the global stage. In the Lion’s Den lays out a roadmap for Israel’s future on the regional and global stage by a man who has spent his entire career in…

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Fighting Back: Stan Andrews and the Birth of the Israeli Air Force

Publication Date: 05/17/2022

Fighting Back is the story of Stan Andrews, an assimilated American Jew and World War II veteran who became one of the first fighter pilots in the history of the Israeli Air Force. In 1948, Stan Andrews left a comfortable postwar life in Los Angeles to travel to the war-torn…

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The Deadly Scrolls (1) (The Jerusalem Mysteries)

Publication Date: 05/10/2022

Set in modern Jerusalem and among the desert ruins of Qumran, this desperate hunt for an ancient treasure scroll pits a female Israeli intelligence agent against a religious fanatic hell-bent on bringing about the End of Days. An American professor’s murder reveals his discovery of a lost Dead Sea Scroll,…

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The Auschwitz Protocols: Czeslav Mordowicz and the Race to Save Hungary’s Jews

Publication Date: 04/05/2022

As Adolf Eichmann sent hundreds of thousands of Hungarian Jews to Auschwitz gas chambers, the Jews of Budapest needed the eyewitness testimony of escapee Czeslav Mordowicz to save them. The clock was ticking on the Nazi plan to annihilate the last group of the Hungarian Jewry. But after nearly suffocating…

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