Savio Republic is an imprint of Post Hill Press, and is a partnership with a major global literary agency. This forward-thinking agency, through their myriad of literary contacts, has partnered with Post Hill Press to bring select works of both fiction and nonfiction to market in a new and innovative manner.

From the Savio Republic web site:

“The Savio Republic hinges on the wisdom of collaboration. The Savio Republic combines decades of expertise and knowledge and places value on the author’s content and publishing goals to create a partnership that builds momentum for exponential brand growth. Savio’s core mission is to lift up the best and the brightest voices, and to be a catalyst of influence in the world. Every book is infused with passion and spirit at Savio—our proudest competitive advantage. At Savio Republic, we take pride in giving the Author a customized publishing initiative. Our mission is to ensure that our Authors receive the benefits of traditional publishing and retain all the control of self-publishing.”