A spectre is stalking American newsrooms and publishing houses: the spectre of angry woke leftists aggressively seeking to dictate the range of acceptable viewpoints on a wide range of issues. This campaign of mob censorship not only runs counter to our cherished national traditions of free thought and speech, it especially limits the expression of independent views by writers of color who may dissent from the majority opinion of their group.

Today it is more important than ever for nonconforming voices to be heard — even if what they say makes us uncomfortable or spurs furious debate. Hence the need for Emancipation Books, a new imprint devoted to publishing writers of color whose views are out of step with today’s ideological conformity.

Here is our statement of principles:

We believe that the dominant narrative on the left — that racism is the defining characteristic of America — is an ahistorical projection aimed at dividing the American people along racial lines for partisan and ideological gain.

We believe in the Enlightenment and Judeo-Christian values of individualism, humanism, liberty.

We believe that freedom of speech and conscience are among the highest human values, and that they far transcend race, gender, or ethnicity in defining who we are and protecting our rights as individuals.

We believe that racial hucksterism — playing on people’s prejudices in order to make a buck — is the basest form of political discourse.

We believe that race relations in America are better than most people think, that they have and will continue to improve, and that America is destined for a post-racial future as long as the good sense of the American people prevails over those who would divide us.

We are Emancipation Books.