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Chocolate Covered Money: Secrets of the Marketing Genius Who Built the World’s Most Successful Chocolate Brands

Publication Date: 10/08/2024

The story of the man behind some of the world’s biggest chocolate empires. Chocolate Covered Money is for anyone who eats chocolate, has shopped for chocolate as a gift, or has wondered what really goes on at the chocolate store “in a mall near you.” Chocolate is a big business,…

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Quote 3: How to Make Multiple 6 Figures in Any Sales Organization

Publication Date: 10/08/2024

Quote 3 helps you take transactional relationships and turn them into meaningful interactions to transform your business—and your life! Quote 3 is a groundbreaking technique that has proven to dramatically increase sales. Author and sales guru Michael Weaver walks you through the entire Quote 3 process that will change your…

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The Vision Advantage: How to Curb Quiet Quitting, Build Resilience, and Create Growth

Publication Date: 09/24/2024

The Vision Advantage gives you new insights, practical knowledge, and actionable tools that will help you embrace your vision and ignite your growth. Embrace Your Vision, Ignite Your Growth Discover The Vision Advantage: How to Curb Quiet Quitting, Build Resilience, and Create Growth, a timely guide that empowers leaders to…

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Breaking Glass: Tales from the Witch of Wall Street

Publication Date: 05/14/2024

A “drama-filled...compelling memoir” from the “smartest woman on Wall Street.” —Kirkus Reviews Kicked out of a cult at seventeen, Patricia Walsh Chadwick started on the bottom rung of the ladder in the world of business and worked her way to the top—breaking through the glass ceiling to become a global…

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Taxocracy: What You Don’t Know About Taxes and How They Rule Your Daily Life

Publication Date: 04/09/2024

Taxocracy: What You Don’t Know About Taxes and How They Rule Your Daily Life won’t help you lower your tax bill, but it will help you understand how politicians use taxes to influence our lives, how taxes harm the economy, and why we need a simpler tax system. Did you…

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Gigatrends: Six Trends Shaping the Future of Billions

Publication Date: 02/20/2024

Gigatrends offers a roadmap for navigating six of the most disruptive trends shaping the future. Humanity stands at the precipice of a remarkable new era in global history filled with both immense opportunities and daunting challenges. Gigatrends examines how six disruptive trends can be harnessed to create new social, economic,…

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Full-Time: Work and the Meaning of Life

Publication Date: 02/13/2024

We were created to work, and our work provides unique meaning and purpose in our lives. Yet today we are living in a crisis of apathy and ignorance regarding work’s theological and existential nature. There is no shortage of books pleading with people to work less, to find “balance,” to…

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The Moment That Defines Your Life: Integrating Emotional Intelligence and Stoicism when your Life, Career, and Family are on the Line

Publication Date: 02/06/2024

Discover the life-changing power of emotional intelligence and stoicism through captivating stories of individuals who overcame adversity, learned crucial lessons from life-defining moments, and rose to personal and professional heights. When reflecting on your life, did it go as planned? On the receiving end of bad, sad, or tragic news,…

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Start with Who: How Small to Medium Businesses Can Win Big with Trust and a Story

Publication Date: 01/16/2024

Start with Who represents the next generation beyond Simon Sinek’s Start with Why and Gartner’s The Challenger Sale—written by Matthew Dixon and Brent Adamson—and includes groundbreaking science, concepts, and templates that can help drive rapid success for sales, marketing, and recruitment within small to medium businesses. Ken Blanchard, co-author of…

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Life in the Pits: My Time as a Trader on the Rough-and-Tumble Exchange Floors

Publication Date: 12/05/2023

A former commodities trader gives an intimate glimpse into what it was like to work on the raucous exchange floors in the trading pits of Chicago and New York. In 1989, Brad Schaeffer was working as an artist when his trader brother invited him to visit the floor of the…

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