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The Alchemy of Power: Mastering the Invisible Factors of Leadership

Publication Date: 10/15/2019

Written by a seasoned leadership and cultural consultant who has trekked the globe experiencing world philosophies and spiritual practices while keeping a steady eye on leadership data, The Alchemy of Power reveals how strengthening your capacity with the intangible factors, the metaphysics, is the key to making things happen -…

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A Journey by Faith: No Risk, No Reward

Publication Date: 06/18/2019

An ambitious African-American family, a foundation of faith, and a tenacious pursuit of professional success…this is one couple’s fascinating journey through corporate America. “Most people never live their dreams as entrepreneurs because they give up. Afraid of the risk. By reading Tina and Harold Lewis’s book A Journey by Faith, those…

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Boom: Bridging the Opportunity Gap to Reignite Startups

Publication Date: 05/14/2019

There is an alarming decades-long decline of new business startups facing the United States today. Boom: Bridging the Opportunity Gap exposes the reasons behind this downward spiral and outlines strategies to solve the problem. For decades, the United States has been experiencing a shocking decline in the number of new business startups…and…

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Aim High: Chart Your Course and Find Success

Publication Date: 04/30/2019

In a world of increasing dysfunction and anxiety, this book provides a guiding light to not only survive, but thrive, professionally and personally. Dysfunction abounds in America in so many ways, from continuous turbulent change in the business environment, to a US federal government polarized by an inability to compromise and fulfill…

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From the Ground Up: Rebuilding Ground Zero to Re-engineering America

Publication Date: 02/26/2019

“Using each major lesson learned during the decade-plus of rebuilding lower Manhattan after 9/11—each achievement and setback—From the Ground Up offers Americans, for the first time, a comprehensive, practical, and inspiring plan for re-engineering the entire country. It’s about time.” —Governor George Pataki Confronted with helping to rebuild the ruins of…

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The Truth Shall Set Your Wallet Free: Secrets to Finding the Perfect Financial Advisor

Publication Date: 11/13/2018

Find and work with a financial advisor to achieve your goals, whatever your income or assets. The Truth Shall Set Your Wallet Free is aimed at debunking the myths that prevent people from achieving their wealth goals. And the first myth that needs to be bashed is that financial advisors are only…

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Successful Leaders Aren’t Bullies: How to Stop Abuse at Work and Build Exceptional Organizations

Publication Date: 09/25/2018

As often happens with domestic abuse, I was vulnerable to being sexually abused, which happened between my fifth and eighth grades. Through good therapy, I found salvation in the two things I knew best: love and violence. I found football. I loved the teamwork, friendships, drills, the strategy. I was…

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Circle of Impact: Taking Personal Initiative to Ignite Change

Publication Date: 09/18/2018

Leadership starts with the individual’s personal initiative to make a difference. Personal initiative is defined by the impact you create that inspires change. Are you ready to be a leader in a world in transition? We are in an unprecedented transition in human history. The way societies and organizations have…

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You’re Already a Wealth Heiress! Now Think and Act Like One: 6 Practical Steps to Make It a Reality Now

Publication Date: 09/04/2018

Your Wealth Heiress is the smart, capable, confident, successful, and wealthy woman already inside of you who has yet to be fully discovered! It doesn’t matter if you are a Millennial, Gen-Xer, or Baby Boomer. If you are a woman who wants to transform her life, you’ll find the answers…

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From Mopping Floors to Making Millions on Instagram: 5 Steps to Building an Online Brand

Publication Date: 07/31/2018

Once a teenaged mom, Ronessa “Ronne” Brown defeated the odds by stepping over the stereotypes surrounding her to take her family’s destiny into her own hands. Ronne’s “no excuses” mantra transformed their lives, from being stuck an endless cycle of “jobs” to becoming a millionaire—all by teaching herself how to…

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