Bombardier Books has quickly found success by making its way into modern culture with numerous bestselling titles. Bombardier Books largely places its focus on conservative political nonfiction works. Its mission is clear:

In a time when the media and much of America’s elite tries to limit and stifle debate in the name of sensitivity, safe spaces, and political correctness, now more than ever we need writers with courage and conviction—and the gift to be able to express themselves with intelligence, eloquence, and good humor. Now is the perfect time to unleash a torrent of provocative thought onto the political and cultural battleground.

This is the mission of Bombardier Books. Because sometimes you need to drop rhetorical bombs from 40,000 feet to get people to hear new ideas. Other times you need to target bad policies with laser precision to take them out before they do too much damage. And occasionally you need a tailgunner to defend your comrades-at-arms from sneak attacks.

This we do without fear, but always with one goal in mind: that free speech and open debate make for a stronger society. Only by hearing all voices can we sustain the American Experiment into the 21st century and beyond.