Write Your Own Story: How I Took Control by Letting Go


As seen on Gutfeld!

A witty and candid glimpse of life in cable news from a long-time anchor who walked away from the spotlight and found joy in faith, family, and life’s simple pleasures.

This upbeat memoir is full of the edgy humor Patti Ann Browne’s fans love. She takes an honest look at the highs and lows of her life, both on and off the air. She provides insights into the turbulent world of television news and weaves in advice for aspiring journalists, parents of preemies, working moms, and anyone trying to stay grounded in a world that increasingly values superficiality.

In this entertaining and intimate memoir, the woman known by fans as “The Notorious P.A.B.” reveals why she walked away from her TV news career after three decades. Patti Ann Browne also shares funny and poignant stories of her life off camera—from how she met her husband four years after turning down a blind date with him, to her son’s near death shortly after his premature birth and how it changed her perspective on life. She chronicles life as an “Irish triplet,” and tells the dramatic story of her twin sister placing a baby for adoption and being reunited with him decades later.

While many books declare that you can “have it all,” Patti Ann dares to say no one can…but with flexibility and gratitude, you can come close. From local cable to MSNBC and then Fox, the #1 cable news network in America, Patti Ann describes her determination to write her own story. She resists the pressures of climbing to the top and the sacrifices that entails, ultimately choosing faith and family.

From her humble upbringing in Queens to rubbing elbows daily with the world’s movers and shakers in Manhattan, Patti Ann explains how she found a way to enjoy the perks of the glamorous life of an anchor while (mostly) avoiding the pitfalls.

Fiercely protective of her middle-class lifestyle, Patti Ann believes simple pleasures are life’s greatest joys. Her uplifting story is one of following your heart, owning your mistakes, living with integrity, and leaving the rest to God. Rooted in faith and optimism, it’s a redemptive tale of humility and serendipity. Patti Ann demonstrates that with hard work and a willingness to change course, we can all write a life story with a happy ending.