Framing Flynn: The Scandalous Takedown of an American General


Witness this eye-opening and shocking look at the Obama administration’s scandalous set up of an innocent man—General Michael Flynn—to destroy his livelihood, reputation, and job with the incoming Trump administration.

What happened to General Flynn was a cog in the machine that powered the biggest political scandal in American history.

The set up began when people who worked for the sitting president of the United States of America, Barack H. Obama, weaponized agencies of the government to spy on the Donald Trump campaign—justifying it with manufactured evidence paid for by Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee.

But, when their effort to defeat Trump failed on Election Night, the administration launched a deep-state assault that began with one of the most subversive criminal acts ever committed in American politics.

“He was an innocent man. He was targeted by the Obama administration and he was targeted in order to try and take down a president.” —President Donald J. Trump