Dave Erickson

Dave Erickson is a satirist, social commentator, award- winning journalist, and Emmy®-winning television producer. He’s known for his biting wit and a fearlessness to say what people are thinking but are too afraid to say themselves.

Erickson’s Twitter feed (@DaveErickson) and the op-eds on his website have been quoted in the New York Daily News, Mashable, Yahoo! News, BuzzFeed, CNN.com, the Washington Times, the Arizona Republic, and many other sites.

Erickson has appeared on Dr. Drew On Call, HLN’s Daily Share, On the Case, HLN Now, and Newsmax’s Steve Malzberg Show.

As a television journalist, Erickson has written, produced, and reported several long-form television investigative series on a broad range of subjects, earning an Associated Press award for his coverage of troop deployments for Operation Desert Storm.

Erickson is a phenomenal dancer, (if you count “the running man”) chili chef, musician, and Renaissance man who, when he isn’t working, enjoys reading and binge- watching AC/DC videos on YouTube.


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