Thursday’s Child: One Woman’s Journey to Seven Continents


Happy, tragic, and at times, a combination of both. This is the story of one woman’s journey across seven continents.

Maralyn Rittenour has lived a life of accidental twists and turns full of luck, opportunity, intrigue, and at times, hardship and tragedy. From her first close call as an infant when her mother literally missed a boat that later sank, to being twice married in November and twice widowed in August, to trips to all seven continents on the globe, to her work for MI6, Thursday’s Child chronicles the life of a true adventurer, her rich family history, and the people—some famous, some not—she’s met along the way. For anyone who has ever traveled extensively, or even just dreamed about it, the wonderful and unexpected journeys told in this travel memoir will captivate and inspire the adventurer in all of us.