Bombardier Books

The Thin Blue Lie: An Honest Cop vs the FBI


In this gripping whistleblower account of FBI corruption and malfeasance, Greg Dillon—veteran state investigator and former FBI agent—finds himself caught up in an FBI misconduct scandal resulting in coverups, retaliation, a federal trial, and a landmark court ruling.

When Greg Dillon is assigned to a federal fugitive task force in Connecticut, he inadvertently uncovers a pattern of misconduct and falsified affidavits. After reporting his concerns to the politically connected but incompetent chief state’s attorney, the whistleblower finds himself a target of reprisal. Investigated, transferred, demoted, and threatened, Dillon hires an attorney, and—with the assistance of legendary whistleblower Frank Serpico—takes on both the state of Connecticut and the Department of Justice in federal court, resulting in an explosive verdict and a significant court ruling.

10 percent of the author’s profits will be donated to Shepherds.