The Sumter Gambit: How the Left Is Trying to Foment a Civil War


“A thought-provoking and scary look at how a morally bankrupt and historically illiterate faction is toying with the worst-case scenario, imagining that it will provide them with a short-term advantage.” —Kurt Schlichter

What is the Sumter Gambit? It’s the concerted effort by the Left to push the most extreme policies and ideologies into American public life, while simultaneously labeling any opposition to their overreach as treason.

While this strategy has been developed for decades, only since the Trump years has it become their central organizing principle—and, indeed, the only governing strategy of the Democratic party. Critical Race Theory in schools, extreme gun control and abortion laws, Covid lockdowns and mandates—and all that is just the beginning.

The purpose of it all is to push non-Leftist Americans into an impossible corner—where they are forced to choose between giving up their liberty and their most dearly-held principles; going to jail; or fighting back. When the last becomes the only choice, the Left plans to unleash the entire might of the Military-Industrial Complex to defeat and destroy any vestiges of dissent. They’ll have to do it, they’ll say, to protect us from an “insurrection.”

At that point, we will have the Civil War that they have wanted, and planned for, since at least the 1960s.

The Sumter Gambit is a brisk primer on the primary differences between the two camps in America today, and the ways in which Americans can and must act now to preserve our nation. We must strengthen the country against its internal enemies who want to silence their opposition and impose upon us a radical Leftist ideology that is in the process of transforming America into a land no one would ever dream of calling the Land of the Free or the Home of the Brave.

There is no doubt that America is suffering from grave crises today. Here the noted political analyst, Islam expert, and historian Robert Spencer shows just how severe those crises are—and points the way back from the brink of civil war to political, societal, and cultural sanity.