The Real News!: The Never-Before-Told Stories of Donald Trump & Fake News!


The Real News! gives you the satirical inside scoop on the celebrity news media and famous politicians of our day.

This humorous compilation of stories takes you behind the scenes for some hilarious moments in network newsrooms, U.S. Congress, and the Oval Office. Non-partisan and never mean-spirited, this very funny collection of fictional tales features:

  • The wife of a famous politician who reveals all
  • A Television News Emmy Award created to honor media stars who become so upset on the air that they literally froth at the mouth
  • The exclusive on the six congressional leaders—the Secret Six—who are given an ingenious plan to win the White House by an unexpected adviser
  • The inside story on Oprah Winfrey’s final decision on running for president
  • Chris Matthews winning a Senate seat and taking his Hardball style to Congress
  • The secret meeting in the Oval Office to avoid the Washington Post’s fact-checkers and Pinocchio ratings
  • The untold story of a few former politicians taking a flying leap off the Brooklyn Bridge

These stories are all for fun and fun for all. The Real News!