The Real News!: The Never-Before-Told Stories of Donald Trump & Fake News!


The Real News! gives you the inside scoop on Donald J. Trump, the most controversial public figure in the world, with never-before-told satirical stories about the man and the media who cover him—most of whom he considers Fake News!

Go behind the scenes of Trump’s presidency in this hilarious compilation of shocking news! This collection features all your favorite media personalities and includes stories such as:

  • the exclusive on the Democratic Party’s Secret Six, who discovered President Trump’s greatest weakness to gain his support on gun control
  • the full scoop on President Trump calling in a special consultant, who was previously “lying-challenged,” to create a strategy that will help him avoid the Washington Post’s fact-checkers and Pinocchio ratings
  • a study conducted on the brains of President Trump’s base supporters revealing why they will always back him
  • the untold story of former President Barack Obama taking a flying leap off the Brooklyn Bridge
  • the inside story on Oprah Winfrey’s final decision on running for President
  • the untold story of a dangerous and memorable evening shared by Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart

Read it all here first: The Real News about our president—news so funny it’s hard to believe!