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The Peanut Butter Promise: Spreading Hope to Fulfill Your Purpose!


There is an incredible plan and purpose for your life! There are things only you can do! You have been assigned a mission that only you can complete!

Of the 7.7 billion people inhabiting the earth, there’s only ever been, and will only ever be, one exactly like you! You’re an original, not a copy. You can never be replicated or replaced. You’re essential! What if you were told there was a book that had the potential to turn your life upside down for good?

Through The Peanut Butter Promise, you’ll learn that:

  • We’re each born with every talent, ability, gift, and the necessary desire to fulfill a meaningful and unique God-given purpose.
  • Just as peanut butter was destined to find jelly and make a great sandwich, Peanut Butter Promise Partners come into our life to help us achieve our DreamGoals, and fulfill our purpose.
  • The dreams and desires of our heart—those that are in agreement with our purpose—are meant to come true at the right time.

The time for action is now! You have nothing to lose, but everything to gain by opening this hope and encouragement-filled book!