Wicked Son

The Passover Protocols


A blood libel murder in Jerusalem right before Passover, coinciding with the arrival of three American white supremacists in Israel, sets off a hunt for an antisemitic plot. The investigation leads Intelligence Agent Maya Rimon into the dark shadows of the Holocaust and on the trail of the conspiratorial forgery known as the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

Just before Passover, the corpse of a young Christian boy is found drained of blood in front of the Belz Great Synagogue in Jerusalem. The police find no murder weapon. No one claims responsibility.

Someone leaks to the Israeli press that the boy’s death is a ritual murdera blood libel. The public is in an uproar, demanding that the security forces take action immediately. Intelligence Agent Maya Rimon is convinced that the boy’s bizarre murder is part of a larger conspiracy. She suspects that the arrival in Israel of three members of the Aryan Vanguard, a rightwing American neoNazi group, is no coincidence. She begins searching for the common link.

Maya convinces her boss, Roni Qattawi, and Police Chief Inspector, Sarit Levine, that the Aryan Vanguard are planning to stage an attack very soon. But the three of them can’t agree on which
site is the target. Roni and Sarit argue for the Western Wall or the Knesset. Maya deduces that the target will be Yad Vashem, Israel’s national Holocaust Museum.

When the Aryan Vanguard strikes at the museum. Maya is waiting inside. Alone.