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The Myth of Voter Suppression: The Left’s Assault on Clean Elections


Don’t know who to believe about election fraud, voter suppression, hysteria, and the dueling partisan narrative? Here are the facts.

“In the tradition of Tammany Hall and the Jim Crow era, Democrats are still bent on hastily bending and changing election laws to make it easier to wield power. Fred Lucas, a veteran Washington Correspondent, details how the Biden-Pelosi agenda is attempting a federal takeover to wipe away states’ clean election laws such as voter ID and undermine confidence in elections.”

–Mark Levin, host of Life, Liberty & Levin; #1 New York Times bestselling author

The Myth of Voter Suppression exposes the widespread lies about US elections and the real threats to democracy. It investigates the big money that’s bankrolling the voter suppression hysteria industrial complex.

When nearly half of the states adopted election integrity laws, such as voter ID and restrictions on ballot trafficking, the left inaccurately howled “Jim Crow 2.0.” But voter turnout soared, cramping Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi’s goal of a federal election takeover that would more appropriately be called “Tammany Hall 2.0”—only this time it would be national. When these bills were rejected, President Biden used executive power for an “all-of-government approach” deputizing federal agencies in a Get-out-the-Vote effort.

Voter fraud is still a problem, as proven by numerous convictions and overturned elections in recent years. Voter suppression is a soundbite, void of provable cases in modern times. Clearly, election security is facing a threat in America. The Myth of Voter Suppression sorts out the truth and lies that every informed voter needs to know.