The Mysteries of Watergate: What Really Happened


Most informed citizens do not know what really happened in the most important and impactful scandal in American history—Watergate—and how the Washington Post covered it up.

Watergate, our “great national nightmare” in the words of President Gerald Ford, was the most impactful scandal in American—and perhaps world—history. Yet even those who believe they have studied Watergate fully could never understand the purpose of this puzzling burglary of DNC headquarters, with no meaningful information to gain, and Nixon far ahead in the polls. In easily accessible vignettes, The Mysteries of Watergate will unpack factual narratives and solid inferences that will astound the reader.

John O’Connor’s rendition will add to prior research into heretofore-unknown occurrences, putting all “revisionist” knowledge into one coherent, understandable whole. Even more explosively, he has, for the first time by any observer in fifty years, deeply examined the three thousand Post Watergate articles and its subsequent publications to show how deeply false and flawed this journalism was. He also will offer the first comprehensive understanding of Deep Throat’s true motives.

Since this reporting won a Pulitzer Prize and is the template for all subsequent investigative reporting, this book profoundly shakes the foundation of the modern mainstream media project. The Mysteries of Watergate is a must-read for anyone interested in the way modern society shapes its historical narratives.