The Choice: Trump vs. Obama-Biden in U.S. Foreign Policy


Author Walid Phares, Former Trump Advisor and Fox News Analyst

As a democracy, America offers its citizens a chance to change direction in both domestic and foreign policies with the election of a president or a Congress. Since 9/11, national security choices have become crucial to Americans as the country has been involved in wars overseas and terrorism has spread widely. Trump defeated ISIS, contained Iran, and brokered Middle East peace deals. The Obama administration brokered the Iran deal and partnered with the extremist Ikhwan. Do Americans want to return to the foreign policy of Obama via a Biden presidency? That’s the choice.

“I have interviewed Professor Walid Phares for more than a decade on the most critical national security and foreign policy issues facing America as well as on his role as an advisor to President Donald Trump and many other U.S. national leaders. Dr. Phares’s books and expertise have often been predictive of world affairs. In his new book The Choice, he helps Americans understand the deep foreign policy differences between the candidates and what the election means for the future.” —Raymond Arroyo, Fox News Contributor, New York Times bestselling author.