Wicked Son

Tears in the Eyes of My Enemy


Amazing friendships develop when a Jewish woman returns to her childhood home in Germany to face descendants of her former enemies.

This unusual book takes place in Arnstadt, Germany between the years 1998 and 2008. It involves Meryam, the only Jewish person visiting the town. She lived there with her grandparents during her last two years in the country just before she and her parents were fortunate enough to move to America.

Various episodes and experiences happen because of an accidental friendship with a Minister, famed for his disagreements with the Third Reich.

Meryam becomes involved in the lives of his congregation and young people that he introduced to her. She faces friendly people with many doubts about their sincerity. The Minister convinces her to return the following year to give lectures, to form relationships with young people, to participate in directing plays, and to gently show the evils of fascism.

That one year turned into three-week visits for ten consecutive years and ends in a surprisingly positive and spiritual manner.