Margot Webb

Margot Webb was born in Halle, Germany to an affluent family a few years before the Third Reich began. From an early age, she understood that she had to be aware of Nazis, had to restrict her language outside the home, and was unable to lead a normal child’s life.

In her first book about her childhood, Shadows at Noon, Margot tells the heartbreaking tale of growing up in Nazi Germany, her harrowing escape to the United States, and her life in a new country. While still missing her family, she hopes she can adjust. Nobel Prize winner Elie Wiesel praised Shadows as “a moving and important contribution.”

She meets and marries a quiet man, Suresh, from a completely different culture. After an adventurous move to India, however, she is saddened and surprised by the religious killings, and her husband’s betrayal. These events are recounted in her book, After the Monsoon.

In Tears in the Eyes of My Enemy, Margot tentatively returns to Germany to engage with the grandchildren of the Nazis. She is open to new possibilities but is always listening and at times, finding, the old hatred. Margot is still an insecure person even at this stage of her life. She lives to help others, but is never fully capable of shedding her deep feelings of fear.

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