Surviving COVID-19: How Faith, Focus, Fitness, and Hydroxychloroquine Saved Me


During this time of unprecedented health and financial risk, Dan Venezia offers a faith-based message of hope—not mere wishful thinking, but a confident expectation that God cares, is intimately involved in our everyday lives, and hears and answers prayer.

A fitness trainer with a successful New York City business comes face to face with death when the coronavirus attacks his strong, healthy body and challenges him—not only physically, but mentally and spiritually as well. Dan Venezia thought he had the personal strength within himself to overcome anything that life might throw at him. But on Palm Sunday, 2020, he found himself in a New Jersey hospital struggling to breathe, fighting to hold onto hope and his faith in God. A coach and motivational speaker himself, he needed others, and especially Another, to come beside him and help defeat an opponent much greater than any he had ever faced before.