Dan Venezia

The youngest of four children raised by a single mom in Brooklyn, Dan Venezia’s proficiency at baseball led him to be drafted by the Minnesota Twins after college. Once his dream of making it to the big leagues ended, Dan applied his focused self-discipline to his fitness training and coaching business on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. He directs camps and clinics, and gives private lessons throughout the tri-state region, where he also serves as a life coach. Dan’s faith in Christ has been strengthened by unique and powerful interventions that God has made in his work, his family life, and his interactions with those less fortunate. A popular and sought-after inspirational speaker, he has had the opportunity to share his story in his parish, his community, and on local, regional, national, and international radio and television programs—
from ESPN to Canada’s number one talk radio show. Dan’s children’s book—Coach Dan on Sportsmanship—has sold over one thousand copies and encourages young people to experience the joy of sports without the pressure to win at all costs. Not only is Dan a survivor of COVID-19, he is a survivor who took hydroxychloroquine, the controversial drug that saved his life. Dan has a unique story to tell as a former professional baseball player, a successful fitness trainer and coach, a loving husband and father, and a passionate follower of Christ committed to share with others the power of faith, focus, and fitness.

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