Stops Along the Way: A Catholic Soul, a Conservative Heart, an Irish Temper, and a Love of Life


A book unlike any ever written by a leader of the conservative movement, because the stories told are unlike anything ever experienced by any public figure on the American scene today.

Stops Along the Way tells tales of ten red-headed Catholic children raised on a farm in the ’60s, just seventy miles from our nation’s capital yet so rural that they could be welcomed by both the KKK and a diminutive black man who would become part of the family; attending high school in the ’70s in another country on another continent alone with two brothers, free to explore mysterious castles and watch gripping bullfights while enrolled in a school built in the Middle Ages; working in the ’80s in the most successful political enterprise of its time, yet forgotten just one generation later; shooting commercials in war zones while accused of starting a war; and have you ever wondered what it was like to take off on one airplane from inside a cornfield, or look out the window of another and watch a rocket ship fly by? Stops Along the Way tells all this, and so much more—timeless stories that are the perfect antidote for today’s poisonous headlines.