Solutionomics: Innovative Solutions for Achieving America’s Economic Potential


It’s about solutions for achieving America’s economic potential.

In Solutionomics, Chris Macke delivers innovative, specific solutions for achieving America’s economic potential. Macke’s solutions are based on delivering a better return on investment to the American taxpayer and small business owners—the backbone of the American economy.

Solutionomics addresses five key issues that will impact America’s economic future:

Winning the Game of Global Trade

Solutionomics reveals the twelve global trade myths keeping America from winning the game of global trade and the truths we should be basing our trade policy on instead.

Creating an Incentive-Based Corporate Tax Policy 

Discover how making company tax cuts contingent on companies hiring more Americans and raising wages would generate stronger job and wage growth at a lower cost to American taxpayers.

Expanding the American Middle Class

Solutionomics outlines key ingredients to more efficiently grow the American middle class, including getting a better return our postsecondary education funding.

Reducing Financial Crises

Financial crises impede economic growth for years. Solutionomics details how to reduce the frequency and severity of financial crises creating a more reliable source of consumer and company loans.

Increasing Congressional Transparency and Accountability  

Solutionomics outlines specific measures that would increase Congressional transparency and accountability.

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