Chris Macke

For more than twenty-five years, Chris Macke has worked in America’s financial sector seeing firsthand what drives the American economy, employment growth, wage growth, and business investment.

He has advised the U.S. Federal Reserve providing market updates and analyzing impacts of monetary policy changes on asset valuations and market distortions. He has been a contributor to the Summary of Commentary on Current Economic Conditions by Federal Reserve District (colloquially known as The Beige Book). He has worked for Fortune 500 companies including General Electric as well as working for small businesses as well as advising one of the largest U.S. pension funds.

His perspectives on economic and employment growth, interest rates, investor sentiment, business investment, global trade, and the political environment have been used by firms in devising investment strategies. Macke most recently directed the research and formulated investment strategy for a ten-billion-dollar institutional investment manager analyzing economic trends, financial markets, and the political environment.

Macke earned a B.A. in political science focusing on political campaign strategy at the University of Southern California and an M.B.A. from the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University. He has guest lectured at Harvard, Columbia, and Georgetown Universities.

He is a member of the National Association of Business Economists and the University of Southern California Economic Leadership Council. Macke has served on the boards of the Seattle, Chicago, and Indianapolis chapters of Big Brothers, Big Sisters and has been a Big Brother.

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