Retribution (2) (The Deer Killer Series)


Revenge can take a lifetime.

After the shattering conclusion of Cary’s quest for justice for the victims of a suspected serial killer in PremonitionRetribution picks up with her cohorts continuing their own investigation to hunt down the person responsible for the heinous murders. The man the media has dubbed the “Deer Killer” continues to haunt bucolic Connecticut—but now, his true agenda has been revealed. As more innocents fall victim to his prey, Detective Hank Nowak’s father enters the picture, only to become entangled in the murderer’s diabolical plot. The past informs the present as Hank, private detective Vito Loggia, and Sergeant Joseph O’Malley race against the clock to stop the killings. Who will be next? More importantly, who will come out on top in this deadly game of vengeance?

“Wendy Whitman does it again! Her first book, Premonition, was a fast and furious page-turner. This sequel, Retribution, is every bit as real and frightening. Wendy’s background in the world of true crime gives her a solid foundation to build a tale of suspense that keeps us all riveted. She deeply sees into the minds of her characters on the right and wrong sides of the law. Her serial killer is utterly diabolical and the cops who are out to get him are dogged and determined. This is a terrific thriller–at each and every moment!”

Rikki Klieman, CBS News Legal Analyst

“There is nothing better than another novel that enhances the excitement created by author Wendy Whitman in this sequel to her debut crime thriller Premonition. Retribution carries the day as a powerful continuation of the characters of the previous book, filled with new intrigue and adventures of crime and mystery. Once again Whitman has drawn the reader into another riveting adventure.”

Gerald P. Boyle, Jeffrey Dahmer’s Attorney

“Wendy Whitman’s newest novel, Retribution, part two in what I hope is a long series, is a fast-paced cat and mouse game between a cop and a serial killer, who may have more in common than is first evident. Making excellent use of her years of experience as a producer for Court TV, where she covered the highest profile criminal cases in the nation, Ms. Whitman deftly teases out fact by tantalizing fact in the breadcrumb trail she leads the protagonist—and the reader—to follow. You don’t need to have read her clever debut, Premonition, which introduced rival main characters, the  “Deer Killer” and Detective Hank Nowak, to fully enjoy Retribution. But I guarantee you will want to! So sit back and enjoy the ride as Retribution cleverly takes you right up to the brink where you can’t wait until Ms. Whitman delivers her next scintillating thriller.”

Deborah Goodrich Royce, Award-Winning Author of Reef Road, Ruby Falls, and Finding Mrs. Ford

Retribution is a serial killer thriller extraordinaire, a pulse-pounding exercise in suburban terror. Court TV alum Wendy Whitman brings her vast experience to bear in a seminal tale that takes us to the depths of human depravity and despair, as well as the heights of compassion and heroism. A neo-noir of the highest level, Retribution echoes of Thomas Harris at his best, stretching a tapestry stitched in blood across a riveting, suspense-riddled landscape.”

Jon Land, USA Today and New York Times Bestselling Author