Raising Conservative Kids in a Woke City: Teaching Historical, Economic, and Biological Truth in a World of Lies

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Practical, age-appropriate strategies every parent can employ to train kids capable of resisting leftist indoctrination and fight the raging culture war.

In Raising Conservative Kids in a Woke City, two moms living in the bluest of cities offer practical guidance, parenting strategies, and humorous commentary to help parents immunize their children against Woke infection. In whichever zip code or tax bracket you dwell, there’s hope for parents who seek to indoctrinate their kids into conservatism—that is, kids who understand historical, economic, and biological reality. This book coaches parents in the howwhen, and who of teaching children to think about the world rightly. The authors identify principles and processes that walk the line between protection and exposure, sheltering and equipping. They also share real-life stories of kids who have effectively pushed back against aggressive adults, stood against the crowd, and won conservative converts. If two moms sending their kids to public school in Seattle can raise conservative kids, you can too.