Quiet Leader, Loud Results


Quiet Leader, Loud Results is the ultimate handbook for quieter, more introverted leaders driven to succeed in an extrovert’s world.

Rather than asking aspiring introverted leaders to “fake it” or pretend to be something they aren’t, Quiet Leader, Loud Results provides myriad real-world tested suggestions, advice, and strategies that will help readers become dynamic leaders on their own terms and drive outcomes in their organizations. This book shares real stories from quiet leaders who have navigated the difficulties of having a quieter personality, succeeding both for themselves and their organizations.

In this book, you’ll learn more about:
• The unique strengths introverts and other quiet personalities can bring to leadership.
• How quiet leaders can bring their own unique style to the core skills of leadership: understanding, communicating, strategizing, and earning buy-in.
• Practical advice from quiet leaders who have been there and who have managed to lead successfully while still being true to themselves.
• Specific steps that aspiring leaders can take to put these lessons into practice.

Author Ankit Mahadevia—a quiet leader and founder and CEO of nine biotechnology companies—is living proof that the strategies he offers to his fellow quiet personalities work. He shares the triumphs and pitfalls of his own journey throughout the book alongside other successful introverted leaders.

In an increasingly complex and chaotic world where leaders are in short supply, people of all personality types are needed to lead. Through stories, practical suggestions, and real-world-tested strategies, this book will help introverts make their results speak louder than they do—while employing a style that’s true to who they are.