Mema Says: From Country Porch to Hollywood Hillbillies


Follow the fascinating life of Delores Oakes Hughes as she goes from simple country girl to business-minded woman to internet sensation to reality television star.

Trouble seems to seek out Delores, but she never backs down from a challenge. From her humble beginnings as a sweet Georgia peach, to her rise to late-in-life reality television stardom, Delores always faces everything head-on with a headstrong will. Discover the shocking truth about her trials and tribulations along the way: How she dealt with spousal abuse by giving as good as she got. How she suffered the loss of a child from a forced abortion. How she nearly died in a car wreck that rendered one of her children catatonic. Life might give her lemons, but Delores makes the best lemonade this side of the Mason-Dixon line, then sells that lemonade back to life for a large profit!