Liberty Rises


Chris Salcedo is an incredible storyteller, but the plot of Liberty Rises isn’t just fiction, it’s a frightening look at where progressive ideology could take us. Science-fiction is a great way to explore the issues we face while staying away from the political theatre in D.C. and Chris has hit the mark perfectly with this novel.
-Glenn Beck, #1 bestselling author and founder of TheBlaze

What happens to America if we continue down the road we are on? Liberty Rises explores that horrifying possibility. Jack Vega has given everything to the United States. He’s served in its military with honor, started a successful business, and provided the U.S. with a strategic military advantage that guarantees American dominance. But there’s a problem. In this future, America is no longer governed by men and women of good conscience. Instead, the government has become a mindless police state. The notions of individual liberty and freedom are now foreign. And the government uses its enormous power to squash the human spirit impose collectivist thought and diminished economic and civil freedoms. Ever the optimist, Vega and his family and friends look to the ancient past to rekindle the fire that built the greatest nation in human history. In so doing, they discover a way to keep the light of freedom alive for the entire world. Realizing that dream will be no easy task. Jack must fight the elements, time and the government he once swore to protect.

The reviews are in:

I cannot stress enough how much I enjoyed this book! I read roughly 50 to 60 books a year, mostly non-fiction but sometimes I need a break and mix in some fiction. This was by far one of the best fiction books I’ve read in my life! Sort of an Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged theme mixed with modern day scenarios mixed with science fiction. That combination makes for a truly fun and entertaining read.
-Robert Stifler –

This book should be required reading for every out of touch liberal. It is fiction and we should all hope that the opening chapters remain so. This book would make a really good movie!
-Dorothy Cronin –