Kennedy’s Goodbye


In her raw, primal need for connection and truth, Kennedy learns to listen to the one voice that matters within a world of loss and lies and heart-rending goodbyes.

Is hope a myth? Is love a lie? Is God dead?

Kennedy needs to know. But she’s left feeling alone, grappling to make sense of the world around her. The youngest member of a devout Catholic family, her preordained pathway of perfection into heaven becomes more like a highway to hell. With so many roadblocks—sin, sex, losses, lies—will Kennedy find a place to belong? A place where it’s OK to be OK? A place where hope is real and love is true?

In this coming-of-age novel set in upstate New York in the seventies and eighties, told in a freshly candid voice that evolves as she grows and matures, Kennedy says goodbye to many things—but to what? Hope? Love? God? Or her own self?

Find out in Kennedy’s Goodbye.