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Israel Disarmed: What the October 7 Attack Teaches Americans about the Right to Bear Arms


“Where was the army? Where were the police? Where was the state?”

–An Israeli mother on the 10/7 attacks

America’s anti-gun lobby wants you to “leave guns to the professionals.” The police and military will protect you, they say.

Really? Ask the people of Israel how well that worked out for them.

On October 7, 2023, Hamas terrorists murdered 1,200 Israelis in cold blood.

Civilians waited in anguish for the army or police to rescue them. Why? Because the country’s restrictive gun laws left most people unarmed.

The Israeli government made an immediate about-face after October 7. They loosened gun laws to allow as many citizens as possible to arm themselves.

So why are America’s anti-gun extremists so determined to brush aside the Constitution and force you to turn in your guns?

The lesson from Israel’s experience should be clear: If you wait until catastrophe comes, it’s too late.