I’ll Get Back to You: The Dyscommunication Crisis: Why Unreturned Messages Drive Us Crazy and What to Do About It


Unreturned emails and texts drive us crazy. We jump to worst-case scenarios, catastrophize, and fall into negative loops. This groundbreaking book explains why and provides concrete solutions to fix the problem.

I’ll Get Back to You exposes one of life’s dirty secrets hiding in plain sight. Unreturned messages drive us nuts and send our heads spinning. It’s too painful and crazy to even talk about. The problem is pervasive due to the nature of digital communication.

Fading are the days of direct communication by phone or in person, which have immediate responses and clarifications. The immediate feedback loop has been replaced by “broken loops” of communication. Now, due to hundreds of emails and texts, endless waiting, perpetual unreturned messages, and unlimited misunderstanding, we are in a Dyscommunication Crisis.

This gives rise to the “Dyscommunication Syndrome”—a cluster of symptoms that comes together and repeats when our message is not returned, including anxiety, worst-case scenarios, catastrophizing, and negative loops of thinking. Sam George can help you learn how to stop this.

I’ll Get Back to You explains the science behind the Dyscommunication Syndrome. It includes captivating, real life stories about dating, relationships, family, and work—so you can relate it to your own life.

With concrete advice, I’ll Get Back to You provides:

  • Tested tactics, so your messages are promptly returned.
  • Solutions for when your message is not returned.
  • Exercises and tips for self-improvement.
  • Quick and easy techniques to calm your mind.

If you are sick of unreturned messages, this book has the answers. You will never hear the words “I’ll get back to you” again.