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I Will Not Eat Crickets: A Lone Satirist Declares War on the Globalist Elite


What globalist elites like George Soros, Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab really have in common is not a coordinated plan to dominate the world, but their smug belief that the rest of us are idiots.

Globalism wants to force us to eat crickets to save the planet. I won’t. Ever.

Globalism wants to possess our minds, bodies, and spirits, along with our dignities. How far will we let it go? The UN was created to avoid world wars, but ended up declaring its own war on plastic. The EU was built to be a great economic power, but ended up legislating in favor of making hamburgers out of mealworm fibers. The glorious nations of Old Europe ended up in the hands of Euro-idiots. The WHO was founded to prevent the spread of disease, but ended up being complicit with the Chinese regime to hide the origin of the coronavirus pandemic. The Davos forum was created to involve the international private sector in conflict resolution, but ended up generating conflicts. Bill Gates became rich selling us his modern Windows software, but now wants our gastronomy to go back to MS-DOS.

In I Will Not Eat Crickets, a lone satirist delves into the ideological heart of globalism and the Great Reset to immolate himself from within and defend national sovereignty, tradition, and freedom.