How to Get Hitched (and Stay Hitched): A 12-Step Program for Marriage-Minded Women


How to Get Hitched (and Stay Hitched) is a 12-step program that liberates women from the lies they’ve absorbed about men and marriage and offers a new, foolproof roadmap for navigating life and love.

America is single. It’s divorced, under committed, and hopelessly out of touch with how to build a relationship that lasts. Women, in particular, are now groomed for a life centered around career and being fiercely independent—as though marriage and family were a nice idea, or a possible accompaniment, to an otherwise satisfying life.

But if flying solo is so great, why are online dating sites a billion-dollar industry, replete with clients looking to get hitched?

Because for most women, at their core, nothing is more important than finding Mr. Right.

In How to Get Hitched (and Stay Hitched), author and marriage coach Suzanne Venker tells the hard-to-hear truth women need to hear: You’ve been fed a pack of lies about men and marriage, about sex and love, and about work-family “balance.”

Here’s a brand-new idea: Stop focusing so myopically on careers! Work is only part of life—and not even the best part. The best part is finding someone to love who loves you back. There’s nothing more extraordinary than an extraordinary marriage.

Moreover, whom you marry, and how that marriage fares, will have the single greatest effect on your happiness and wellbeing than anything else you do. It will literally determine the direction your life will go. What sense does it make, then, to prioritize career over love?

This book will challenge your worldview and possibly ruffle your feathers. It will cause you to pause and ask, “Why didn’t anyone tell me this stuff?” But that’s just a sign that you’re on the right track. Because if you want to get married and stay married, trust me—you need a radical new roadmap.

How to Get Hitched (and Stay Hitched) is the antidote you need to reject the lies you’ve been fed by our culture when it comes to women and men. It’s about what you really want vs. what you’ve been told you should want, and about what is true of men and marriage vs. what you’ve been told is true.

Get ready. This book will rock your world.