How to Build a Better Life: A New Roadmap for Women Who Want to Prioritize Love & Family


How to Build a Better Life implodes the decades-long narrative that women should prioritize career above all else and provides a new path forward for women who would rather focus on family and build the balanced lives they crave.

So you’re tired of being single and would rather be married with children. Or perhaps you’re already a wife and mother, but you want to stop working and stay home with your kids—if only for a season.

Either way, you have no support for your desire to do so.

If you’re single, you’ve been told to put career front and center and that marriage and motherhood can wait. If you’re married, your family and friends—even your own husband!—want you to work full-time, despite the fact that you have young children at home.

It feels like everyone wants you to be a workhorse, but you just want to slow down. You want to live a simpler life that’s centered on family, not career. You want to raise your own babies, not put them in daycare. You want to live in your home, not use it as a place to just sleep and shower.

In How to Build a Better Life, relationship and life coach Suzanne Venker charts a new course for women who want to prioritize love and family and to build strong relationships at home.

In this book, you will learn:

• Why your femininity is a superpower
• How to date for marriage
• That you don’t need to be rich to have a baby
• How to live on one income
• Why “lazy girl jobs” can be a great choice for moms
• What no one told you about daycare

A call to arms, How to Build a Better Life will ignite a much-needed debate about the misplaced priorities of the modern generation. This guide is the antidote women need to reject the lies they’ve been fed by our culture so they can build the happier and slower-paced lives they crave.