Green Card Warrior


Nick Adams had it all: charisma, energy, a promising TV career, a new organization and an approved Green Card petition. The world was at his feet.

Then came the unexpected sabotage and political persecution from one individual. It began a spiral of destruction – finances, family, health and career. He almost lost it all.

This is the story of how one man took on the State Department and won.


Green Card Warrior is an explosive and startling exposé into the world of legal immigration and what many must endure to come to America.

Rising conservative star Nick Adams reveals how he was persecuted by the Obama Administration, and offers an incisive critique of the immigration system – both legal and illegal.

Would-be immigrants are at the mercy of powerful figures that are virtually unaccountable. Immigration laws are so dense and indecipherable that not even the best lawyers truly understand them. The system is exorbitantly expensive, archaic, painfully slow and rigged against the good guys. Meanwhile, illegals from Mexico and the Middle East remain unvetted, undocumented and welcome.

This eye-opening account shows how the Obama Administration has broken new ground in its intimidation and harassment of political opponents, now using its State Department to screen and select immigrants based on their politics.

In Green Card Warrior, Adams recounts his personal tale, setting it against the larger story of the broken legal immigration system, and unfairness of illegal immigration in America today.