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Edge of Safety: A Future Tale of Arbitrary Lockdowns and the Deeply Caring Citizens Who Love Them


In a future Canada that has normalized lockdowns and social distancing, a young woman and loyal citizen accidentally stumbles into a resistance movement.

“The arrival of any new Neal Pollack book–especially a novel!–is cause for celebration. When it’s a satire about safetyism, COVID-19 lockdowns, and Canadian exceptionalism, it’s cause for something like a mix of Mardi Gras, Burning Man, and the Gathering of the Juggalos. Pollack’s signature wit, meanness, and compassion is all on brilliant, post-pot-addiction display here at a time when we need it more than ever.”

–Nick Gillespie, host, The Reason Interview with Nick Gillespie.


“I’ve loved Neal Pollack’s work for twenty years now. While I have numerous and serious problems with Canada, as everyone knows, I must insist that you buy and read this book. I loved it from start to finish, and so will you.”

–Mike Sacks, Poking a Dead Frog, Stinker Lets Loose, Passing on the Right


Amelia Stewart loves staying home. When the Canadian Health Ministry, where she works as a mid-level functionary, issues a #stayhome order, she and her dog Little Miss Daisy comply with enthusiasm, obeying government orders and watching their favorite soap opera, Edge of Safety. But during one such Stay Home order, Amelia accidentally finds herself trapped outside. Much to her surprise, she doesn’t immediately die. But she does run afoul of a ragtag resistance movement that gradually persuades her that the world is not what she thinks. They take her on an adventure that she never imagined or wanted. As Amelia’s knowledge of the outside world grows, she has to make a choice about Canada’s future.