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Disarmed: What the Ukraine War Teaches Americans About the Right to Bear Arms


The war in Ukraine is the ultimate real-life lesson of what can happen when a country disarms its citizens.

Anti-gun zealots in the United States insist that the Second Amendment’s right to keep and bear arms is a “relic.” Try telling that to the people of Ukraine.

Ukraine never protected its citizens’ right to keep and bear arms. But as Russia was about to invade, Ukraine did a critical about-face. Ukraine’s government encouraged civilians to carry firearms to defend themselves and their country. It handed out 25,000 fully automatic weapons, while Ukrainians rushed to buy AR-15 rifles that American gun-controllers insist “no one needs.”

Did the arming of Ukraine’s civilians make a difference? You bet. Armed citizens have played a crucial role in holding off the massive Russian army. This powerful book highlights how they did it and what they did wrong.

Constitutional scholar and host of The Four Boxes Diner YouTube Channel, Mark W. Smith reveals why the lessons learned in Ukraine matter to Americans, and why we must tirelessly resist all efforts to disarm us.  Unless we heed Ukraine’s cautionary example, we too may pay a steep price.