Chocolate Covered Money: Secrets of the Marketing Genius Who Built the World’s Most Successful Chocolate Brands


The story of the man behind some of the world’s biggest chocolate empires.

Chocolate Covered Money is for anyone who eats chocolate, has shopped for chocolate as a gift, or has wondered what really goes on at the chocolate store “in a mall near you.” Chocolate is a big business, and makes a lot of money. This book “pulls the curtain back” for a behind-the-scenes look at the people who own chocolate companies, how they make chocolate, and their celebrity friends.

This book reveals business methods used to enable three of the world’s leading super-premium luxury Belgian chocolate brands—Godiva, Leonidas, and KC Chocolatier—to compete against one another, how each achieves marketing dominance in certain markets, and what it really takes to build a worldwide chain of retail stores.

Brad Yater shares his business expertise, having served as country manager for the US at all three of these brands, beginning with Godiva, during a career lasting thirty years. Read the fascinating story of how this happened to him.