Brad Yater

Brad is the only American in history to have managed all three of Belgium’s largest gourmet chocolate retail brands. He was among the first to coin the term “lifestyle” brand by understanding the emotional relationship between consumers and the products they buy. At Godiva, Brad set out to build a brand, not just sell chocolate, resulting in a $1 billion valuation. With Leonidas, Brad transformed the industry by introducing the chocolate café, adding a full coffee menu to the stores. As his “third act,” Brad launched KC Chocolatier, a sustainable, vertically integrated manufacturer dedicated to giving back to the cocoa-producing regions. The thru line to this successful career has been a focus on retail marketing of promotional campaigns, seasonal packaging, and new product development. Brad’s forte is having the ability to put his finger on the pulse of what has commercial appeal. The author holds an MBA from Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida, and resides in Beverly Hills.

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