101 Ways America Went from Sweet Land of Liberty to Weak, Woke, and Wobbly: A Reference Guide to the Biden Years


101 Reasons to Vote against Joe Biden

This handy reference guide to the most important presidential election in our lifetime takes the reader from the most notorious to the most sublime Biden administration–era failures. Written in an easy-to-read, easy-to-understand style, this book will make you a more dangerous (more informed) voter.

Along the way, you will be armed with background information and facts to utilize against those family members, coworkers, and neighbors—or even total strangers—who seek to debate you about the last four years and the all-important election of 2024. This is an especially important tome for college students exposed to woke indoctrination on campus but determined to fight back.

From a porous southern border and repeated blunders in the Middle East to attempted censorship of opposing opinion and a weaponized executive branch, this book will give you all the incriminating evidence you need to engage and defeat the remaining defenders of the Biden administration.