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Own Your Opportunities: A Story of Self-Discovery and Self-Determination

Publication Date: 10/04/2022

Own Your Opportunities is a self-portrait of a Black woman in corporate America who discovers her value and walks away from a company to pursue sanity and the freedom to realize her dream. Own Your Opportunities is uplifting to women who may feel disillusioned and overwhelmed in corporate America. The…

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Taxes Have Consequences: An Income Tax History of the United States

Publication Date: 09/27/2022

The definitive history of the effect of the income tax on the economy. Ever since 1913, when the United States first imposed the income tax via constitutional amendment, the top rate of that tax has determined the fate of the American economy. When the top rate has been high, as…

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Quiet Leader, Loud Results

Publication Date: 09/13/2022

Rather than asking aspiring quiet leaders to “fake it” or pretend to be something they aren’t, Quiet Leader, Loud Results provides real-world tested suggestions, advice, and strategies that will help readers become dynamic leaders on their own terms and drive outcomes in their organizations. This book shares real stories from…

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My Daily Leadership: A Powerful Roadmap for Leadership Success

Publication Date: 08/30/2022

A uniquely practical and powerful roadmap designed to ensure that business owners and managers reach their full potential and become the extraordinary leaders their people and company deserve. Most business leaders report that they are seeing success, yet often struggle because they are: Uncertain regarding their own capabilities Overwhelmed, and…

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A Game Maker’s Life: A Hall of Fame Game Inventor and Executive Tells the Inside Story of the Toy Industry

Publication Date: 08/30/2022

How do you spark genius? How do you earn a profit from fun? And how do you overcome unthinkable challenges? The developer of Simon, Fashion Polly Pocket, UNO Attack!, My Size Barbie, and Operation explains it all in this fascinating story of toys, transformation, and murder. In his captivating memoir,…

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The Genius of Algorand: Technical Elegance and the DeFi Revolution

Publication Date: 08/16/2022

In a universe of cryptocurrencies, Algorand stands out as one of the best long-term blockchain protocols for the future. In The Genius of Algorand: Technical Elegance and the DeFi Revolution, financier Anthony Scaramucci walks readers through the history of Algorand, from its inception in the mind of an MIT mathematical genius to…

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BE…: From Passion and Purpose to Product and Prosperity

Publication Date: 06/28/2022

Spark your imagination. Shed limiting beliefs. Find your voice. BE… is a multidimensional approach to bringing out the magic in you. Braided with universal truths and the power of the Divine Feminine, our book is all about being happy, aligned, and intentional in life and business. The words, stories, and…

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America in Perspective: Defending the American Dream for the Next Generation

Publication Date: 06/21/2022

America in Perspective defends the defining American values of meritocracy, self-healing, and freedom by reviewing world history and charting a path forward. America in Perspective argues, without hesitation, that America’s best days are ahead if only we can continue to embrace the ideas and values that got us here in the first…

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Black Liberation Through the Marketplace: Hope, Heartbreak, and the Promise of America

Publication Date: 05/10/2022

If we face America’s racial history squarely, will it mean that the American project is a failure? Conversely, if we think the American project is a worthy endeavor, do we have to lie, downplay, or equivocate about our past? In this book, we use the classical liberal lens to ask…

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No Red Lights: Reflections on Life, 50 Years in Venture Capital, and Never Driving Alone

Publication Date: 05/03/2022

A look back at entrepreneurial growth and venture capital in the last half century by one of the leading figures in the industry. Extensive media and online coverage of the business arena, news of start-ups, mergers, and deals are familiar headlines these days. But that wasn’t always the case. The…

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