Washington Independent Review of Books Loves “Vanishing”

The Vanishing of Carolyn Wells: Investigations into a Forgotten Mystery Author by Rebecca Rego Barry received a glowing review from Washington Independent Review of Books. Read the review here.

Miranda Devine wins RealClear Foundation’s Samizdat Prize

The New York Post ran an article detailing Miranda Devine’s win of RealClear Foundation’s Samizdat Prize. Read the entire article here.

Suzanne Venker on Gen Z and the Corporate Grind

Author Suzanne Venker wrote an opinion piece for Fox News, Gen Z has no time for the corporate grind. Are they lazy or smart?. Suzanne’s new book, How to Build a Better Life: A New Roadmap for Women Who Want to Prioritize Love & Family is on sale now.

“It Could Be Worse” Snags Kirkus Review

Kirkus Reviews says Dara Levin’s new fiction novel, It Could Be Worse, is “A poignant slice-of-life drama about comforting one’s inner child and moving forward.” Read the full review here.

Bahnsen on Bartiromo: “Work and the Meaning of Life”

David Bahnsen recently visited with Maria Bartiromo on Fox Business about the themes discussed in his book, FULL-TIME: Work and the Meaning of Life“. Watch the discussion here. 

Directing the Oscars: An Interview with Jeff Margolis

The Saturday Evening Post interviewed author and award-winning director Jeff Margolis about his book We’re Live In 5: My Extraordinary Life in Television. Read the segment here. 

Rebecca Sugar featured in Jewish News Syndicate

Debut novel by author Rebecca Sugar, Everything Is a Little Broken, focuses on the age gap between the older, religious generation and their descendants in Jewish News Syndicate. To ready more click here!

Todd Starnes Joins Cheryl Chumley on Bold & Blunt

Twilight’s Last Gleaming: Can America Be Saved? author, Todd Starnes, sits down with Cheryl Chumley to discuss dark times under the Democratic administration. Read more here.

Lynn Cook Betz discusses Crazy Dale Varnam with Yahoo!

In My Right Hand To Goodness: The Life and Times of Crazy Dale Varnam, author Lynn Cook Betz gives her first hand account of her experiences with this intriguing man, and his incredible story. A new podcast featuring actor Kyle McLaughlan will spotlight the stories as well. You can catch a glimpse of the story

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Thomas Koulopoulos On The Rise Of AI

Thomas Koulopoulos, co-author of Gigatrends: Six Trends Shaping The Future of Billions, wrote this piece at FoxNews.Com in which he poses the question, what if AI isn’t a replacement but a means of amplifying human potential? Read his thoughts here.