Rob Shuter Breaks Down Who We Are In 4 Words

Host of the podcast “Naughty but Nice” and author of The Four Word Answer, Rob Shuter speaks on Good Morning America. To view the full clip click here.

Stella Morabito on DeSantis’ Digital Bill of Rights

Author of The Weaponization of Loneliness , Stella Morbaito comments on how DeSantis’ proposed Digital Bill of Rights could help fight the epidemic of loneliness plaguing the country. To read the whole article, click here.

China’s Global Strategy to Cripple America

In a new article by Maxine Albert, fiancee of the late author Curtis Ellis, author of Pandemonium, writes on China’s plan to cripple the United States. Curtis was a prominent economic trade and economic expert and his novel outlines how China plans to utilize economic warfare to cripple the United States. Read the article here.

Former FBI Special Agent’s Response to Weaponization Committee

Former FBI Special Agent Thomas Baker and author of The Fall of the FBI spoke on the Biden administration’s response to the Weaponization Committee. To see the clip click here.

Heartbreaking Story of Two Missing Teens Finally Solved

In his new novel Vanished in Vermillion Lou Raguse tells the true story of missing teens Cheryl Miller and Pam Jackson. Speaking on the 43 year old case, Raguse speaks to The U.S Sun. To read the article click here.

Thomas Baker Testifies in Censorship Hearing

Former FBI Agent and author of The Fall of the FBI, Thomas Baker writes on the censorship hearings in The New York Post. To read the article click here.

Former FBI Agent on Weaponization Hearing

Former FBI Agent and author of The Fall of the FBI, Thomas Baker speaks out on Fox & Friends. To view the video click here.

Author on Kirkus Best Books Out

Authors David and Jon Moscow, of From Scratch: Adventures in Harvesting, Hunting, Fishing and Foraging on a Fragile Planet are featured on Kirkus Reviews Best Book Out. To view their Kirkus Review click here.

Kirkus Best Books Out

Author Deborah Goodrich Royce of Reef Road: A Novel featured on Kirkus Reviews Best Books Out. View Kirkus’ Starred Review of Reef Road here.

Watch: Unexpected – The Backstory of Finding Elizabeth Smart and Growing Up in the Culture of an American Religion

Chris Thomas was still in his twenties when he found himself in the crosshairs of the immense pressure, eccentric personalities, and extenuating circumstances of the international story of Elizabeth Smart’s kidnapping. Read his first-hand account of what transpired behind the scenes during the quest to locate Elizabeth, and receive a new perspective of growing up

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