Graham Binks

Graham Binks is an expert in helping businesses get the best out of their technology investments.

Over the course of more than five hundred career projects conducted in a wide range of industries, he has helped countless small, medium, and large organizations to quickly achieve their technology goals under budget and with low risk. His work is focused on helping formulate the best technology roadmap to support business strategy, guiding teams through delivery and assisting leadership to deliver on the plan.

Graham is the CEO of primeFusion Inc and has over thirty years of technology leadership experience in Europe, North America, and Asia. He’s spent a decade in CTO and support roles for several software companies, and another decade as CIO in a number of international businesses. Graham’s client list spans four continents and includes Nike, Procter & Gamble, Citigroup, JP Morgan, and Eurotunnel.

He writes and speaks as often as he can on the union of business and technology—with a particular interest in the human side of change through technology.

Graham lives in Toronto, Canada.

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