Trusting Technology: Mastering Technology for Non-Tech Leaders

By Graham Binks, Alan Weiss

Trusting Technology is about adapting to new ways of life and work. Technology merely provides the platform.

When we talk about the challenges of technology, we’re really talking about the challenges of improvement—the ways we change and the lessons we learn on our path to making things better.

The challenge—and the opportunity—is that technology offers us so many options. It’s bemusing! What areas of our business do we focus on? How can we make them better?

Trusting Technology is a handbook to help business leaders become centered in their focus, approach, and resilience with adopting and adapting technology. You will learn how to:

  • Generate, curate, and make ideas happen.
  • Better understand how to improve your customer’s journey.
  • Build a machine that connects your business’s community of customers and colleagues.
  • Nurture confidence in the face of change.
  • Create insights with the information that matters to your colleagues and customers.
  • Describe your security strategy in five minutes.
  • Capture your business’s special sauce to create new assets.
  • Navigate a course to your business future with rapid learning and minimalist change.
  • Master the art of estimation.
  • Benchmark your organization—any organization—as a tech business.
  • Build a platform to keep pace with the innovation needs of your business.
  • Find inspiration and build on the achievements of others.

This vital conversation is not about the technology itself, but rather, the connections it enables and the change it imposes on our comfortably imperfect routine and environment. The means are not software code and hardware bits, but rather systems thinking, empathetic change, rapid learning, and adaptive planning.

Trusting Technology is about the humanity of advancement feeding the advancement of humanity.