Politics and Sports? Fox News Talks to Burgess Owens

Fox News recently spoke with Burgess Owens, author of Liberalism, or How To Turn Good Men Into Whiners, Weenies and Wimps, about a comment made by NBC writer Craig Calcaterra regarding the display of the American flag at sporting events. Watch the interview here:    

The Forty Days: An Interview Between D. Michael MacKinnon & Bible Gateway

Author D. Michael MacKinnon spoke with Bible Gateway about his book The Forty Days, a faith based novel of the forty days Jesus spent on earth after the resurrection. The Forty Days Between Jesus’ Resurrection and Ascension: An Interview with D. Michael MacKinnon

Dr. Erika Schwartz Talks with the New York Post about her New Hormone Solution

Dr. Erika Schwartz, of Manhattan’s Evolved Science,  tells the New York Post about her New Hormone Solution that has New York’s top CEO’s flocking to her office. http://nypost.com/2017/03/26/why-stressed-out-ceos-are-flocking-to-this-doctor/  

Brian Cuban on Good Morning Texas

Author Brian Cuban sat down with Good Morning Texas to discuss his new book The Addicted Lawyer: Tales of the Bar, Booze, Blow, and Redemption and his personal battle with addiction. Watch the interview here.

POTUS Calls Nick Adams’s Green Card Warrior “A Must Read”

Friday March 3, 2017, President Donald Trump posted his first ever endorsement as President to his official Twitter feed: DailyMail.Com had this to say about the President’s endorsement. Green Card Warrior from Post Hill Press is distributed by Simon and Schuster and available wherever books are sold.  

Author Nick Adams Speaks to Students at Kings College

Post Hill Press author Nick Adams recently took the opportunity to speak to students at New York City’s Kings College about his new book, Green Card Warrior which tells his story of legal immigration to the United States:

Author Carl Higbie May Join Trump Administration

A February 11th article in New York Daily News states that Carl Higbie, author of Enemies Foreign and Domestic, may find a place within the Trump administration. Click here to read the entire article.

Dr. Oz Learns the 5 Second Rule with Mel Robbins

Mel Robbins, author of The 5 Second Rule: Transform Your Life, Work, and Confidence with Everyday Courage, spoke with Dr. Oz about her new book and the research-backed method at the center of it all.    

How to Beat Procrastination and Have More Time for What Really Matters in Life

Author Mel Robbins explains how using The 5 Second Rule can help end procrastination and allow you more time for the things that really matter in life, life watching cute cat videos on the internet.  

Burgess Owens Talks About Berkeley Riots with Fox and Friends

Burgess Owens, former NFL player and author of Liberalism: How to Turn Good Men Into Whiners, Weenies, and Wimps joined Fox and Friends this Super Bowl weekend to discuss the Milo Yiannopoulos controversy, the Berkeley rioting, and more.